Hip-Hop Music In Georgia

Hello there, I am Steve Wonder and I love Hip-hop. The reason why I tell you this, lies in the very article I am trying to write, you see I grew up in Los Angeles, California and listened to Hip-hop music all my life, I was a little boy when hip-hop first emerged in America, I witnessed the years when it was the most popular music genre in the world, I was there when rap music had been in its golden era and now unfortunately I see how mainstream rap had shifted from intelligent and cunning storytelling to a more easy, public based musical genre. So the whole point of my article is to write about global hip-hop movement, progress of this genre not only in the U.S. but abroad as well, because as hip-hop first formed in the 1970s and as it began to get more and more popular in America, people from all over the world jumped in this hype train, mainly I believe this happened because rap is the music of truth, rappers tell their story, their problems, social and economical struggles they face in their lives and those are the things that are universal to mankind.

Hip-hop first emerged in 1970s from the block parties in Bronx, were young people would play soul and funk music , then they started to use two turntables to extend the brakes that were used in soul and funk music and on top of that people started rhyming with the rhythm. The first popular rappers were DJ Kool Herc; Grand Master Flash; Fab Five Freddy; Afrika Bambaataa; The Sugarhill Gang, they paved the way for this genre to be one of the most popular in the world. from 1980 there comes a different time for hip-hop, it was largely diversified in this decade and it was gaining more and more popularity with the help of groups like Run-D.M.C.; KRS-one; Beastie Boys; A Tribe Called Quest and other significant artists, and by this time Hip-hop was gaining more and more popularity, not only in America but in the whole world too. This was the case until the start of 2000s, Hip-hop industry started to go downhill from that time and by saying this I mean the mainstream side of Hip-hop, the side about which the whole world knows and which is mainly responsible for the picture that is painted by the listeners about the genre as a whole.

Mainstream Hip-hop industry now is mainly composed of artists who barely have anything in common with the people who created Hip-hop, because the sole purpose of nowadays rappers is making money and even the lyrics in the Songs don’t go further than that, strangely that is more than enough for the young generations, they praise those artists and give them the recognition which they don’t deserve. I believe that is largely caused by the things our new generation is into, the flood of information and deprived lifestyles made them want music that is not challenging, that is not teaching you new things and is not making you think about life, instead they find satisfaction in songs that have simple lyrics and produce absurdly energetic music. I really hope that this trend will eventually start to change and thirst of intelligent music will take over and as the CunninLynguists say in their song, the Hip-hop cycle will start over.
In regards of underground Hip-hop scene, I think that it has not lost its attractiveness even a little bit, the underground is still going strong and continues to produce artists which serve the true purpose of Hip-hop, groups like Eyedea and Abilities; Atmosphere; Sadistik; CunninLynguists; Aesop Rock; Immortal Technique and many others that bring joy to the true Hip-hop fans by creating real music.

Another spectacular side of Hip-hop is freestyle, the art of rhyming in the moment, to which all off the above stated bands are very familiar with, they grew up doing cyphers in the streets and that’s what helped them sharpen their rapping skills. The ability to freestyle was very appreciated within the rappers, because it was more than often when they battled each other lyrically on or off the stage. Many large competitions were set across the country in freestyle, events like scribble jam and others which tested the skill level and improvisation of rappers that were competiting. That is what I wanted to tell you shortly about the story of Hip-hop, but even though rap music in U.S.A. is sloping downwards, it is progressing in other parts of the world, that is exactly what I’m about to tell you in the other parts of this article, the story of how I traveled to Georgia and met with the rapper Bera , that has been a significant part of Georgian Hip-Hop industry.



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